Tuesday, February 01, 2005


After 10 years of daily use, my dryer has finally given up the ghost. About a week ago, we tumbled our last load. Krista and I have been hanging clothes on the backporch, the mantle, the backs of chairs, pretty much anywhere that will hold a hanger. (We look like a bunch of rejects from the Oso Grande Gross trailer park.) We have even gone so far as to take several loads at once to the laundry mat for drying. Last night was one of those nights. At 11:00 pm we were sitting in the parking lot of Walgreens after making a quick pit-stop for some necessities. (Peanut M&M's! - also know as - Food of the Gods)

As we're sitting there admiring our 40lb bag of Valentine hued M&M's, Krista suddenly jumps and squeals because some strange boy is standing right outside the drivers side window. As she rolls the window down, I notice that (thankfully) he looks more like a boyscout than a mass murderer. "Can you give me a ride to SAGU?" He asked us as he explained to us that he had just gotten off of work. (By the way, what is the deal with me and people needing rides?) Krista stays quiet as I discuss with him side streets and where exactly he needs to be dropped. As we look at each other and silently agree that this poor kid is merely cold and not looking to rape our young nubile bodies, she leans back into the backseat and scoots our wet clothes over for him to have a place to sit. (He even offered to sit in the bed of the truck!) As he is climbing in Krista asks him "Are you packing?" and I notice that the poor kid has a shocked expression on his face of one who has been confronted with something totally out of his depth. Her and I laugh at the obviously harmless joke and he... well, he didn't laugh at all. "No Ma'am" he stated quickly as he has a seat in my backseat. "Good, because I don't want to have to kick your ASS!" she states, trying again to make a joke. Again, he didn't laugh. I quickly explained to her that SAGU stands for Southwestern Assemblies of God University and REALLY it's only about 3 blocks away. For the entire 3 blocks this poor kid "Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am"s us to near death. I wanted to SCREAM at him that I'M.NOT.OLD. But, that's how sweet little Southern Assembly of God boys talk and he was obviously one of those sweet boys. As he jumps out of the truck (at a pace only to be compared to a marathon-olympic-award winning truck exiting champ) he says to us "You have a blessed day."

As we drive away, Krista looks at me and says "I'm SO going to hell."


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