Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Letter to a Friend

I'm running out the door to go to the Dr., so in the interest of time I'm posting a letter
that I wrote to my best friend in April of last year. Enjoy.

Dearest Krista,

Thank you so much for inviting me to go out today. Your timing is always right on target. With the weather so beautiful, and my mood being the way it has, you knew that I would be experiencing one of my bouts with "cabin fever". Ally was so excited when I told her that she and I would be heading up to Dallas to see a movie with you and Bethany. We were late, as we always are when we go someplace together, but we got there! With our arms full of movie snacks we rushed into the theater 10 minutes after it's begun, like we usually do. Punctuality has always been one of our on-going jokes.

How long have we been friends? Let me think. I'f I'm 30 and we met when I was 4, then that would make our friendship 26 years and still going strong, this month. Wow. How many people can claim to have had the same best friend for 26 years. A friend of absolutely no blood relation, but as close as any sisters could hope to be. For fourteen years you lived 2 houses down. On our tiny street, in our tiny town. I never felt that I was missing anything though.

We were telling the girls stories of our childhood this afternoon. Boy, if those girls only knew of all the trouble we got into. Do you remember playing truth or dare with Shane and Mark? Remember playing Army with all of the boys and using charcoal as hand grenades?

I laugh everytime I think of us learning to sew. We were sitting on your water bed and I decided that the mattress would be a good spot to stick my needle. What's a little hole in a water bed mattress between friends though?

8th grade banquet was so much fun. I still have the pictures of you in that hot pink gown. What a site you were. Beehive and all. LMAO You wanted to kill your mom. And for good reason.

I'll never in my life forget that damn dog that hated me. Rinny the Skipperkee. Holy hell, that dog wanted to rip my throat out. I never knew I could jump so high. Don't laugh. It ain't funny.

Think of all the hours we spent rewinding that Air Supply tape trying to write down the lyrics. What an eternally huge waste of our time. I still remember every lyric though.

Chocolate mayonnaise cake ring any bells? I just knew that you we're out of your mind when you told me that you were going to bake me a chocolate mayonnaise cake. That was the beginning of our love of food.

I know that you will remember lick-n-rub stamps, and sneaking into Crystal Chandelier when we were 17. Driving home from Billy Bob's at 5:00 in the morning. What about the time we drove home with our tops off? Just because we could.

Your first husband was my boyfriend first. You actually started dating him, knowing that I really liked him. He only had eyes for you though. It's too bad that you guys didn't work things out, I guess you we're just too good of friends.

Living together wasn't a great idea. You tend to be messy and I'm overly neat. Your a night owl and I ike to go to bed early. We know each other so well, and love each other so much that we can say anything to each other. That would be our dwelling together downfall. But, it didn't break us.

We have had arguments over boys, toys, jobs and everything in between, but we always come out of it respecting the other more for it. At one point I think we even went 8 months without speaking. Only to come back together like we hadn't missed a single day.

We are both so lucky to have the families that we do. I adore your family and you are just another kid in my own parents home. You even lived with my brother, with much better results than you and I had! When Mom had her heart transplant you took care of me. We were freshmen in high school and you put your social life on hold to give your full attention. The night I found out that Mom got a heart you and I were sitting on the tailgate of my Dad's truck. Remember that? We held each other and cried. I'll never be able to replace a memory like that.

We've swapped boyfriends, borrowed each others clothes, babysat each others kids, took care of each other during illnesses and picked each other up after a fall.

Last summer I had to be picked up. My mental state was highly questionable and when everyone else was ready to point their finger you opened your hand. I turned my back on every single person in my family and held only you close. You understood. You never judged, but only listened and encouraged. When I was threatened, you were there to make me take a strong look and realize my mistakes. You saved me.

When you introduce me, you always say... "This is my best friend, Jennifer"

I'd give anything to say.. "This is my sister, Krista"

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


After 10 years of daily use, my dryer has finally given up the ghost. About a week ago, we tumbled our last load. Krista and I have been hanging clothes on the backporch, the mantle, the backs of chairs, pretty much anywhere that will hold a hanger. (We look like a bunch of rejects from the Oso Grande Gross trailer park.) We have even gone so far as to take several loads at once to the laundry mat for drying. Last night was one of those nights. At 11:00 pm we were sitting in the parking lot of Walgreens after making a quick pit-stop for some necessities. (Peanut M&M's! - also know as - Food of the Gods)

As we're sitting there admiring our 40lb bag of Valentine hued M&M's, Krista suddenly jumps and squeals because some strange boy is standing right outside the drivers side window. As she rolls the window down, I notice that (thankfully) he looks more like a boyscout than a mass murderer. "Can you give me a ride to SAGU?" He asked us as he explained to us that he had just gotten off of work. (By the way, what is the deal with me and people needing rides?) Krista stays quiet as I discuss with him side streets and where exactly he needs to be dropped. As we look at each other and silently agree that this poor kid is merely cold and not looking to rape our young nubile bodies, she leans back into the backseat and scoots our wet clothes over for him to have a place to sit. (He even offered to sit in the bed of the truck!) As he is climbing in Krista asks him "Are you packing?" and I notice that the poor kid has a shocked expression on his face of one who has been confronted with something totally out of his depth. Her and I laugh at the obviously harmless joke and he... well, he didn't laugh at all. "No Ma'am" he stated quickly as he has a seat in my backseat. "Good, because I don't want to have to kick your ASS!" she states, trying again to make a joke. Again, he didn't laugh. I quickly explained to her that SAGU stands for Southwestern Assemblies of God University and REALLY it's only about 3 blocks away. For the entire 3 blocks this poor kid "Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am"s us to near death. I wanted to SCREAM at him that I'M.NOT.OLD. But, that's how sweet little Southern Assembly of God boys talk and he was obviously one of those sweet boys. As he jumps out of the truck (at a pace only to be compared to a marathon-olympic-award winning truck exiting champ) he says to us "You have a blessed day."

As we drive away, Krista looks at me and says "I'm SO going to hell."