Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why, why, why...

Why is it that the silly dog has to be in MY lap all the time?

I don't carry bacon in my pocket. I don't even invite him into my lap. In fact, I discourage it! If I'm at the desk, he wants to be in my lap, right under my keyboard tray. If I'm on the couch, watching a movie, he wants to be wrapped around my feet, or under my ass (dumb dog), or behind my head, or wherever is most inconvenient for me. I told him just a few minutes ago, as he looks up at me with those soft brown puppy dog eyes - "NO, I do not want you in my lap! Can't you see that I'm busy here?" Right before he hops up into my comfort zone like he belongs there. Mhhmm... I was kidding. Right. I really do want you resting your adorable little head right on my arm, so that I'm completely incapable of reaching my mouse and keyboard. Yea.

Dog- Can't you see that I'm in a mood. It's possible that I could catapult your little 4 pound body through the air and HOPEFULLY you will land in a furry heap on the couch. Hopefully... Then I would have guilt and stress and I would feel obligated to feed you the yummiest bits of beef from my dinner plate and WAIT.. a damn minute. I already do that.

I think I'm being played by a 4lb. Miniature Chihuahua.

Posted by: ficklewhimsy.
The 4lb miniature chihuahua casanova.


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