Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Where they try to win you over with cuteness.

My kids think that they can force me to forgive all transgressions; just because they're so cute that I want to eat them with a spoon, BUT I am on to their game.

Clayton is guilty of the following and SO MUCH MORE.

Exhibit A - Today as I'm making his lunch he hiccups loudly.

Clayton - "HICCUP!" *pause* ""Hiccup!" *pause* "Mommy, Clayton has the hiccups."

This is the first time EVER that he has referred to himself in the third person. I'm sorry, but that is entirely too cute and therefore unacceptable.

Exhibit B - He has quirks on top of quirks. Quirkiness could be construed as adorable. As I'm finishing his sandwich he yells from the living room "Don't fowget to cut into a pizza!"

I'm sorry, but just typing that gave me the giggles.

These kids must be stopped before they take over everything with the cuteness! Umm... well... before they take the rest of it over!


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