Sunday, January 23, 2005

What threatened to drive me crazy-

-Realizing that I need to put milk on the grocery list when we get down to only one GALLON left. My kids are going to start moo'ing.

-Watching my best friend make macaroni-n-cheese in the most difficult way possible. Instead of just dumping everything in the pan after she drained the pasta, she has to mix the milk that has been measured in the CLEAN measuring cup with the powdered cheese ever so perfectly in a seperate CLEAN bowl and then use a CLEAN spatula to scrape the cheesy milk from the sides of the now DIRTY bowl.

Just dump it in the damn pan already miss ocd queen!!

(Although, I must say that it was MOST excellent macaroni-n-cheese.)

-Watching the 2 pre-teen divas bicker endlessly while cleaning their room. Or something that resembled cleaning.

-Taking care of not one but two sick children. My poor little babies.

Getting my ass stomped at pool.

What kept me sane -

-Realizing that more often than not, the radio will go up louder than the kids can yell.

-Date night with Chris and all of the chinese food that I could eat, cold beer that I could drink, and pool ... oh the pool. I don't want to even discuss the pool. (Maybe I should move this one to the crazy side... )

-Her blonde moments that bring me so much laughter. For example, tonight when she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub chatting with me and ever so gracefully tumbles backwards into the bathtub. Classic.

-His kisses.

How was your weekend?


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