Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just ask me.

Tonight, time honored traditions spanning the decades were proven true; yet again.

It was about 10pm and we were relaxing with a cup of coffee on the front porch (yea, we're a bunch of old farts) and C decides to bring out the telescope. Excellent idea in light of the almost totally full moon. He drags out the clunky large telescope and gets it all set up and then heads off, back into the house. Krista and I sat there for atleast 5 minutes, chatting and basking in the moonlight while we listened to C rummage about in the house. I could hear him searching through the desk and then on to the bedroom and the highboy, eventually he even made his way into the garage. Finally, he yanks open the front door and stands over us with his hands on his hips and states (in a surly tone) "Where is my eyepiece?!" (the little black thingy-ma-bob that attaches to the telescope and allows us mere mortals to view the moon's craters. Why he doesn't know where his expensive toy .. stuff is; is beyond me.)

With all of the grace that I could muster - I walk inside and straight to the basket that holds the eyepiece.

Next time, oh ye of so much testosterone - just ask me.


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