Wednesday, January 26, 2005

ASS-ay contest

It's time to tell everyone all about your ass. Or your girlfriends ass. A well written comedy starring your baby's cute little pinchable bottom would work. I know that almost everyone reading my blog is a writer, take the time to type up a cute story about anything ass-related and you could win FAME and FORTUNE. Ok, maybe it will be nothing more than notoriety and a free gmail account, but think about the fun! See below -

Hello Ass Fans!The Girls here at The Ass Chronicles need your help.We're desperate for more ASSertiveness, ASSociates and ASSignations.So, if you've been asking yourself "what about MY ass?", now is YOUR time. Email us your best ASS story pertaining to pretty much *anything ASS related. (Perhaps a story about your own ass, a friend's ass, a celebrity ass, the chick from the coffee shop's ass, or even a cute little baby ass.) If we find it hilarious and vote your story one of the top 3 funnies, we will post it on our blog. In fact, we will post your story, and a glowing review of YOUR ass on every one of our blogs. Plus, we will link to you here on The Ass Chronicles and send you a Gmail invite to boot. Email us YOUR ass story and if we laugh our asses off - You win!

*Keep it PG-13 please.


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