Tuesday, January 18, 2005

An "Aha!" moment

I've never met an ice cream that I didn't like.

Krista and I were discussing our favorites and she was explaining her penchant for the finer ice creams. I realized that I don't care what brand it is, I'm going to eat it. And eat it. And eat it. And that internet, is why I need to become lactose intolerant. I need to take a pill, or get a shot, or undergo some sort of deep hypnosis, that will MAKE me lactose intolerant. They have a pill for everything but noooo, not for the really important stuff. Like saving your ass from dairy products.

These are things that I have never, ever said about ice cream-

"Ewww... this ice cream is horrible!"
"Yuck! Way, way too creamy."
"Too much chocolate."
"Are these fresh strawberries? Gross!"
"Does this have nuts? I hate nuts!"

These are things that I have said about ice cream-

"OhMyGod, this chocolate chip cookie dough taste like how love feels! SWEET."
"Peppermint ice cream makes me want to skip about and twirl, twirl, twirl!"
"Hot hot hot fudge... yea...mmmm...ahhh... GOD! YES!"
"Can I have extra whipped cream? Please. "


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