Monday, December 27, 2004

Carson Kressley - My new psuedo-boyfriend, psuedo-stalking victim

I am in fashion lust with this man. His high-pitched feminine cadence makes my inner fashion model just go wild. Between his regular weekly appearances on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", a new film with Hilary Duff and not one, but TWO new books, he is also a very busy boy.

Carson Kressley has the fashion sense of a drag queen diva GOD. I dare anyone to argue with me. If you do so choose to argue, then you just don' Not to mention his blithe sexual innuendos towards anything even remotely phallic. I'm not afraid to admit that this highly amuses me.

"I have no toilet paper in my apartment right now, but I've got a new coat!"
- CK

Carson Kressley if I only you weren't gay; if only I wasn't married... we could make sweet little fashionable babies and shop at DKNY every Saturday afternoon and buy black clogs and Prada bags and Hugo Boss coats.. If only...

Carson Kressley - Cool name, cool clothes, cool quirks, cool guy. Mmmk?


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