Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A and B and why I don't have enough medication to keep me sane.

If you're a new reader or just lacking in short-term memory (like me) then you may not be aware that my best friend and her daughter moved in with me and mine right before Christmas. Just a few days before Christmas in case you were wondering. My daughter, Ally (who is a pre-teen 8-year-old diva) is sharing a bedroom with K's daughter, Bethany (a slightly older pre-teen diva). These two girls alone could crack the demeanor of even the most patient of nuns or priests or blind-deaf-mute persons. They can be on occasion (read: OFTEN) just.that.annoying. Not only are these two girls fashion afficionados, they also love animals, crafts, cooking, singing, sewing, exercising or just about anything that Krista and I have decided to do. (Or so it seems.)

Allyson is the type of young, sweet girl to burst into impromptu tears without a breath of notice.

Me - "Allyson, did you finish your homework/chores/whatever?"
Allyson - (Impromptu bursting of the tears ensues) "BUUUTT MOOOMMMM, I'm woooorking o-o-oo-onn it" *sniffle* *hiccup* *sniffle* *more gratuitous sniffling*
Me - "Fine Ally, it's fine.. Just stay motivated and get it finished so that you can go and do other things."
Allyson - "I TOLD YOU MOM, I'm wooorkkinggg on it!!" *more hysterical crying and sniffling and hiccuping*

Now, is it just me or is this a bit extreme? Because it seems a bit extreme. I won't claim to have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but these types of hysterics CAN'T BE NORMAL.

Bethany isn't quite this dramatic, but her Oscar isn't far from being won. I like to call Miss B the "WET" of the household. "Walking Emotional Timebomb". I was asking Krista yesterday - "We're we this emotional? Please tell me we weren't this emotional. I know that I wasn't this emotional. No Sirree Bob. "

Between the two of these girls, I'm not sure that if I have enough medication to keep me sane.

Ally and Bethany


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