Monday, November 29, 2004

What doesn't make me lose my lunch

Warning: This post will contain copious amounts of silly jibberish pertaining to reality tv, and more specifically Survivor. .

Ok. I'm a total Survivor junkie. I have been for all nine seasons. I could even go so far as to mention that I've sort of, kind of seen like all the ummm... episodes. Yup. Every one. I heart Survivor. In all actuality, I'm addicted to reality tv. Whether that be Survivor, The Amazing Race, Cops or Court TV. Let me point out that I'm not overly amused by the more romantic reality fare. The Bachelor pretty much makes me want to lose my lunch. Temptation Island was fun to watch, strictly for the eye candy. [Paused for a brief smut fest] Remember that raunchy couple from season 1? The chick had long red hair and he was tattooed to the nines. She He was hot. [back to regularly scheduled geekiness] My favorites lean towards the action packed stunts and rock hard abs. Fear Factor, Survivor, Amazing Race, Rebel Billionair [he's hot in that old man with alot of money and great hair kind of way].

But Survior, oh my Survivor. You stole my heart once again tonight. Thanks to my handy DVR that rescued you from nothingness, I was able to laugh and cry with you tonight. Yes, I cry. Shut up. When the loved ones come running out and the cast aways see them and they both start to blubber and get snotty... omg, I just can't help it. I bawl like a little baby. It's emotional and tense and funny and sarcastic and bitter and and and..... there I go again.

I think I need therapy. Twila Tanner and Scout are absolute survivor playing geniuses. I'm really not privy to their real life academia but from a survivor standpoint, they are in a league with Richard Hatch. [Who I hate with a satanic disgust, btw]

I do need therapy.


Blogger Harmony said...

I told you to seek therapy! Of coarse I tell you that on a daily basis so I can see why it didn't sink in...

8:17 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Biatch. If I'm going, I'm taking you with me. Wow. That sounded ominous.

8:22 PM  
Blogger is it just me? said...

You are not alone Jenny. I am a Survivor addict. I live for this show...We even have the software game and I try to boot people off...but I suck. I love Twila. Love her!

Let's start a "Survivor addict ass blog"!


5:16 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Hey Jennifer,

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one brave enough to make an ass out of herself by admitting to such an embarassing addiction. Twila is the poo. She is just way smarter than anyone else there. Old women rock! Although, I am starting to like Eliza more. I really REALLY hated her at first, but I'm startin' to feel the love... so to speak.

A reality tv review blog would be SO.MUCH.FUN.


6:41 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

After your therapy, I'll need the name of your therapist. Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, all great. I believe I've seen every single episode of Survivor as well. Just got into AR last year and I'm totally addicted. I hate watching them because I know they'll be over in an hour and I'll have to wait another week to watch them.

9:31 AM  
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