Monday, September 20, 2004

A semi-mentally unbalanced Redhead with grand dreams of life, love and happiness. I'm just lucky enough to have obtained all three, despite my own attempts at self-sabotage. I have a wonderful husband who supports me totally and 3 beautiful children. My oldest son is Autistic and our family handles these obstacles with amazing aplomb each and every day. (Which means we spend most of our time acting like absolutely nothing is wrong.)
Hey, denial is a good thing.

Fickle - Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious.

Whimsy- An odd or fanciful idea; a whim.

So there you have it.
A capricious, facetious, fickle, indecisive, mentally unbalanced Domestic Goddess.

Does it get any better?
Don't answer that.

Friday, September 17, 2004

beauty is...

beauty is only skin deep
even the prettiest carry scars.
flaming red tortured soul,
eyes that know.
looking deep within
the looking glass
solitude and strength are shown.
writhing and twisting
sensuality proves strong.

I wrote this today.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Have you ever had one of those days? The kind of day that makes you want to smash your car just to feel the satisfaction of the crunch. Ok, maybe you haven't wanted to do that. But, that's how it's been around here. I haven't had one of those days. I've had one of those weeks. Make that two weeks.

For two weeks my house has been turned upside down with sickness. It began with a sore throat and a slight fever with my Allykat. Two tuesdays ago she complained of a sore throat and realizing that she did have a slight fever, I had pity on her and let her stay home from school. (I'm one of those Mom's where you had better be close to dying, or off you go.) I guess I knew deep down that it was more than just allergies. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday she stayed home from school with sore throat and fever. I just KNEW that it was allergies, until I looked into her mouth and saw the nastiness that was her throat. My girl had strep throat and I hadn't done anything about it. On Friday morning we we're at the Dr's office and the nastiness was made official. The strep throat was to be treated with antibiotics and the Doc assured us that she would be better by Monday for school. *Sigh* Thank God! A whole week off with a sick child can seem like...ummm... FOREVER.

Saturday (the 4th) found me up and gone pretty early. One of my very good friends had a daughter getting married. I was to help with the cleaning, decorating, shopping, hair-dresser, photography, cake serving, well... pretty much everything. It was a very small wedding. I worked my rear off (unfortunately not entirely off) all day. 11am to 11 pm on my feet except for when I was driving. But, trust me, this friend is worth it. I love her like a sister. I finally made it home at about 1am, sore to the bone. Ready for a good long Sunday of rest. Ha....

Saturday during my running here and there, I got a phone call from Chris. It seems that Ally had broken out with something. His mother assured us that they were hives. C's sister used to get strep throat all the time and she broke out with hives every time. Soo, I continued to "wedding" and didn't worry about it anymore.

Sunday when I woke up and saw these bumps all over my girl, my heart sank. I knew. She had the chicken pox. The mother-in-law can say what she will, but these were NOT hives. From the very first day it was obvious that this was not going to be a light case. We immediately started her on benadryl and caladryl, but these were super human pox. They wanted to consume my girl, toes and all. She has chicken pox in places that I didn't know you could get chicken pox. In her ears, hair, mouth, nose. She has them on the bottom of her feet. The palms of her hands. Her poor little tiny hiney is one giant chicken pock.

They accomplished what they set out to do. They have consumed her. It's Sunday, and she still has them just as bad as she did last Monday. I think they're still coming.

Itchiness has a whole new meaning. Nobody ever in the history of itchiness has itched as much as this child. She will begin to cry and start to roll around the floor and make herself and everyone around her absolutely miserable with the itchiness that is her butt. Because for some reason, that's the main place that itches. The butt. Her poor tiny hiney. The welts have begun to break open and ooze and I won't go any farther in my description because it's just too gross for the normal everyday reader of oozing and itchiness.

Hopefully, one day in the future my house will be rid of the itchies and the oozies, but probably not anytime soon. You see, Ally had the chicken pox vaccination. Lot of good that did, huh? But, the absolute best part about all of the itchiness and chicken pox and oozing is that Mom hasn't had the chicken pox. Atleast not from what Mom and I can remember. *Sigh*

Back to last Sunday. Supposedly the "day of rest". As if... Rest is falling into bed at 2am after one of the kids has peed the bed, or woken up crying with a fever. Who gets a whole day?

Another really awful thing happened last Sunday during the beginning of the chicken pox invasion. My Molly dog got hit by a car. She is fine! But C had to rush her to the emergency vet on a Sunday. She was laying on the carpet in shock, barely breathing, bleeding from 2 of her feet. Ally and I (of course) were crying our eyes out and he really didn't have a choice. Well, Molly is fine now and her stitches are healing, but have you ANY clue how much it costs to take a dog to an emergency vet?

Stitches in one leg, staples in two small (very small) places, shaving and doctoring a couple of other small cuts, one overnight stay and a partridge in a pear tree. Wham! $700 bucks. Can you say HOLY SHIT. Needless to say we will be eating lots of beans and cornbread for awhile, but I love my animals and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Weeelll, maybe I would have waited until Monday and taken her to the regular vet, but at the time we thought she had something horrible, like a collapsed lung or internal bleeding. It would be our luck, to not take her and something horrible happen.

Needless to say, I've been busy. Really, really freaking busy. I miss my friends and my family....

Well, Ill write more later. Clayton has a runny nose and a slight fever. Wish me luck.