Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Friend or Foe

She was bored and restless, in need of a change of scenery. Driving usually helps, and she needed cigarettes anyway. As she takes the turn onto the service road she notices a woman walking along side of the busy road. She doesn't look like the typical homeless vagrant. Her athletic shoes are still white and the jeans are obviously clean. And she's carrying a dog. Thats not usually part of the hitchhiker wardrobe.

Should she pretend not to see her and keep on driving? Her head clearly says "Yes! Keep going. Strangers can be dangerous and it's smart not to trust people."

But does her heart rule her head?

A lone female walking the white line of a busy interstate, while the sun hurries to set and leave her in a shroud of dusk. It's not safe. What if some crazy person picks her up and proceeds to woo her into moving to Wateka, Arkansas. She becomes the 3rd wife of Jim Bob and the mother of 6 boys, who ALL call themselves some form of Jim or Bob. Or worse.

She would never be able to forgive herself.

The thought that she would have to drive a 1/4 of a mile going the wrong way on a one-way didn't sway her from the cause. A life was at stake. Jim Bob was waiting.

When she rolled down the window it was obvious that "she" was expecting it to be a man. She starts to laugh and then cry. Reaching thru the window and hugging her. "Thank you so much" she said atleast 5 or 10 times.

"Why in the world are you walking at this time of day??" she askes her. Of course the answer should have been obvious.

"My boyfriend and I had a fight." she replies. Still crying and laughing at the same time. She proceeds to explain how she just moved from North Carolina a year ago and doesn't know anyone. She is lonely and the boyfriend is a Jackass. Her name is Sissy. Really her name is Anne, but all of her life everyone has called her Sissy. Ok Sissy.

Sissy is obviously a troubled soul. Her life consists of car wrecks, police arrests, insurance scams and drug use. Sissy freely shares stories of emotional problems and she begins to wonder if this was such a brilliant idea. Saving this young woman that chooses to walk down a busy interstate. At dusk. With a dog.

It seems that Sissy wants a friend and is immediately drawn to her rescuer.

Is Sissy with all of her dramas and problems one to be trusted though? Does she really want to get entangled in anyone elses problems when obviously she has enough of her own to handle? Maybe Sissy needs someone to lean on and guide her. Maybe that friendship will be the one right thing to change her life. Does God put people in our path? Do we get to choose who interrupts or enters our life flow?

You tell me. Is Sissy a friend or foe?


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